Thursday, November 11, 2010

En Arugil Nee Irunthal (1991)

Tamil Movie : En Arugil Neeirunthaal
Tamil Musician : Maestro Ilayaraja
Year: 1991
Director: Sundar K. Vijayan
Type : Ilayaraja Tamil songs

En Arugil Nee Irunthal Songs

1. Indira Sundariye
Ilayaraja, S. Janaki

2. Nilavea Nee Varavendum

3. Oh Unnale Naan
Mano, Uma Ramanan

4. Oru Ganamaagilum

5. Paadu Paateduthu
Mano, Uma Ramanan

6. Uthayam Neeye
S. Janaki

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  1. I'm a die-hard fan of your blog, especially for 80's,90's songs

  2. I am really recognise my 80's 90's life & songs,film. Its like golden period, there is no words to say anything. I want to leave or die from this world hearing the 80's 90's songs.

    By Sadiq


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